Our application process ensures that parents and their children are prepared and well-informed about our school's culture and policies. Prior to completing and submitting an application we ask that all parents tour Les Enfants.

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Before Enrollment

Les Enfants suggests that all parents preview the school's program with their children. We invite visitors to tour the school by appointment. Appointments help prevent overcrowding and allow each parent ample time to tour our school and ask questions. To request an appointment, you may email us (please include your name and phone number) or call us directly at (310) 315-0058.

The tour allows you to view the curriculum in ongoing classes, become familiar with school policies, meet our teachers and have your questions answered. We encourage preschool age children to join parents during this visit. When you see your children join an art class or socialize with other children in the playground, it will help you to feel secure in the school environment before actual attendance begins. Parents of enrolled children are invited to drop in for a visit anytime.

Wait List

Les Enfants maintains a wait list when classes become full. Children are placed on this list when parents fill out and return both the registration form and enrollment fee. While we are unable to guarantee admission into the school within a specific time range, we do make every effort to place your child as quickly as possible.

Applicants from the wait list are notified by telephone when placement becomes available. Please be sure that phone numbers are kept current. Due to the timeliness of openings, three attempts are made to contact an applicant before moving to the next child. Children are removed from our list if we are unable to contact the family or if an opening is refused. Priority is given to children who are already enrolled in the program but wish to change classes, siblings, relatives, returning families and referrals.



Three Days / Week    $1,750 (Full-Time)    $2,075 (Extended Care)
Five Days / Week    $2,050 (Full-Time)    $2,375 (Extended Care)


Three Days / Week    $1,450 (Full-Time)    $1,595 (Extended Care)
Five Days / Week    $1,795 (Full-Time)    $1,995 (Extended Care)


Three Days / Week    $1,395 (Full-Time)    $1,575 (Extended Care)
Five Days / Week    $1,650 (Full-Time)    $1,775 (Extended Care)

Preschool Tuition (3 Years to 6 Years, POTTY-TRAINED)

Five Days / Week    $1,200** (Full-Time)    $1,393** (Extended Care)

Half-Day Program (2 Years to 5 Years)

Two Days / Week    $665
Three Days / Week    $930
Five Days / Week    $1190


FULL-TIME is 9AM – 3PM for infants, 8:30AM – 3:30PM for toddlers and 8:30AM – 4PM for preschool.
EXTENDED CARE is 7:15AM – 6:15PM.
HALF-DAY is 8:30AM – 12PM.

* All checks submitted to school for registration and tuition are NON-REFUNDABLE.

** Children ages 3 and up (not previously enrolled) who are not toilet-trained, add $120.00 to preschool tuition.

*** Late Charges apply after 6:15 p.m.: $10.00 first 15 minutes, $1.00 per minute after 6:30 p.m. to be paid in cash to the closing teacher.

**** Preschool tuition is exactly like mortgage or monthly rent. In the event of vacation or illness, no weeks may be deducted from your monthly tuition. Tuition is paid from the first of the month through the end of the month. There is no pro-rating for vacation, sick days or early camp start dates. Should you be away for any reason you must mail your tuition to reach us by the first of the month.

***** All parents should arrive at the school 10 minutes prior to drop-off and pick-up times.