We love answering your questions and have put together a list of popular questions.  Have a question that's not listed here? Contact lesenfants@earthlink.net and we'll be happy to respond.

When can we tour the school? And what time are tours scheduled?

Please call to schedule a tour. We hold tours Monday-Thursday at 9:20AM. 

What is your teacher-to-child ratio?

INFANTS — 1:3   TODDLERS — 1:4    TWOS — 1:6
THREES — 1:9      PRE-K — 1:9

Are you accredited?

We have been accredited through the National Education for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) since 2002. NAEYC ensures programs provide the best learning experiences for young children and their educators by meeting national standards of quality.

What are some of the staff qualifications?

Our staff have earned an A.A., B.A. or M.A. in child development or a related field. In addition, they have valuable required ECE units. All of our staff is also certified in CPR and first aid, fingerprinted by the Department of Justice and FBI and maintain up-to-date medical records. They also receive a child abuse index clearance prior to employment.

How are parents involved in the school?

Parents and grandparents are an integral part of the Les Enfants family. We encourage families to share their skills and interests with the children. Some examples include playing the guitar, gardening, reading, or leading an art activity for the children. Parent involvement strengthens our school, and the children will benefit from seeing their role models in their second home.

Are there any enrichment programs at the school?

We offer weekly art, dance/gym, carpentry and music classes.

How long is the wait list?

Les Enfants maintains a wait list when classes become full. Children are placed on this list when parents fill out and return both the registration form and enrollment fee. While we are unable to guarantee admission into the school within a specific time range, we do make every effort to place your child as quickly as possible.

Applicants from the wait list are notified by telephone when placement becomes available. Please be sure that phone numbers are kept current. Due to the timeliness of openings, three attempts are made to contact an applicant before moving to the next child. Children are removed from our list if we are unable to contact the family or if an opening is refused. Priority is given to children who are already enrolled in the program but wish to change classes, siblings, relatives, returning families and referrals.

How do parents receive information?

Parents receive information in several ways:

  • DAILY — face-to-face conversations and infant/toddler daily logs.
  • WEEKLY — communication through emails, Instagram and Facebook.
  • MONTHLY — newsletters sharing important updates, events and educational articles.
  • YEARLY — parent conferences with their child’s teacher to discuss their progress and goals. A yearly ASQ and teacher evaluation monitors children’s progress through assessments.

Does your school have a lunch delivery program?

Our school is listed with TotPot.com, a local organic meal delivery service. Parents can go on the website and order hot lunches to be delivered to the school. We provide nutritious morning and afternoon snacks for the children.