June 2017 Newsletter

Calendar of Events

Happy Father’s Day!

There will be a special activity for the children each day of the week – Monday – Friday. Please sign up in the lobby to volunteer to help with these activities.

PICNIC — Sunday, June 11th, 2017
Celebrating the 28th Anniversary of Les Enfants @ Airport Park in Santa Monica – 11:00am-2:00 pm

Friday June 16th, Father’s Day morning treats for all dads in the lobby. Please stop by and enjoy!!

School Closed: Tuesday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day

Pre-K Graduation
Graduation will be held on Friday, July 28th, 2017, at 3:30 p.m. Please sign up with teacher Eunice for snacks. Thanks!

Don’t forget your donations to the Westside food drive every Friday.

Happy Birthday!

  1. James 6/4 ♥♥
  2. Anika 6/11 ♥♥♥♥
  3. Kilian 6/26 ♥
  4. Anna 6/28 ♥♥

Welcome to Our New Angels

  1. Maximilian
  2. Logen
  3. Soraya 

School News

Les Enfants is Celebrating its 28th Anniversary with a Picnic!

Les Enfants is pleased to announce the celebration of its 28th anniversary with a potluck picnic. Please come and enjoy a day at the park with your family and other Les Enfants’ families and join the celebration. Where: Airport Park in Santa Monica at 3201 Airport Ave. (cross street is Bundy / Centinela Ave.).

Potluck: (Please sign up to bring something for the picnic) – 

  1. Infants — Drinks (water, juices, sodas), picnic supplies, etc.  
  2. Toddlers — Main dishes
  3. Two’s — Main dishes
  4. 3’s — Salads, veggies & pastas
  5. 4&5’s Pre-K — Desserts & fruit

Expecting Parents

We are happily witnessing a rise in sibling births!  As you know space in infant/toddler is extremely rare in Santa Monica and vicinity.  Most schools accept children ages 2 1/2 and up that are toilet trained. 

Therefore, this is just a friendly reminder that if you are expecting and plan to have your infant/toddler at Les Enfants, please inform Cindy as soon as possible to receive an application and save your space.

Thank you for your cooperation and your continuous support!

Thank Yous

Thank you very much to all of the parents who have bought the teachers lunch on Fridays — We are truly grateful.

  1. Mrs. Smith (Emma & Mary) for donating an easel to the school.
  2. Mrs. Hodge (Ryan &Julia) for donating a Bumbo chair to the infant room.
  3. To all the parents that helped set-up and clean up at the picnic.
  4. To all the parents that brought food and supplies to the picnic.
  5. To all the parents we forgot to thank!
  6. To all the parents who donated toward the Westside Food Bank.

Parents Moving

As summer is approaching, parents move, get new jobs, etc.  Please respect school policy by providing us with a ONE MONTH notice beginning on the 1st of the month should you be relocating.  Thank you.

Word from the Director


Saluting Our Wonderful Dads

For decades, social scientists observed a growing gap between what men would say it means to be a man and what they were actually doing.  While they clung fast to traditional definitions of emotionless, dutiful, hardened creatures who never cry and win at all cost, they also were spending more time with their families.  This gap has begun to close- because men have begun to shift their attitudes about masculinity. Right alongside that archaic manly stoicism comes being caring, nurturing and being emotionally present.

For decades, fathers were viewed as “absentee landlords” or as “Sunday institutions.”  In order to be seen as heroes, dads must be present in the child’s life.  So this shift can be attributed to the fact that women and men are equally committed to family life and being involved parents. Men are doing more childcare than they have ever done, including diaper changing! Go dads!  Not only are men contributing more, their attitudes about being labeled as caring and nurturing don’t take their “manliness” away.  Dads are being more present now than ever.  They are the modern day heroes, riding off into the sunset to be home with their family, cooking, washing dishes and putting the kids to bed.

When you think of heroes in a traditional sense you probably think about Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc.  You’re not alone.  When Michael Kimmel first began asking his students 30 years ago about their heroes, their responses were very traditional in addition to athletes and musicians.  The answers he gets today still include those responses, but the single most common answer he gets today is “my dad” and “my mom.”

We see the heroism every day at Les Enfants when dads greet us with a smile, carrying a child on their hip, and then head off to start the rest of their day. And again when dads pick up and we see the smiles on the kids’ faces as they embrace in a giant hug.  Our dads at Les Enfants are heroes in their children’s eyes as well as ours.  We tip our hat every day, and especially in June, to all the dads for all that they do for their families, friends and communities.  THANK YOU!

Why is sleep so frustrating for so many people?

Why is sleep frustrating for so many people? Why do we spend so much time and money managing sleep, medicating it, and training ourselves and our children to do it correctly? In Wild Nights, Benjamin Reiss finds answers in sleep’s hidden history-one that leads to our present, sleep-obsessed society, its tacitly accepted rules, and their troubling consequences.

Today we define a good night’s sleep very narrowly: eight hours in one shot, sealed off in private bedrooms, children apart from parents.  But for most human history, practically no one slept this way.  Tracing sleep’s transformation since the dawn of the industrial age, Reiss weaves together insights from literature, social and medical history, and cutting-edge science to show how and why we have tried and failed to tame sleep.  

In lyrical prose, he leads readers from bedrooms and laboratories, to factories and battlefields, to Henry David Thoreau’s famous cabin at Walden Pond, telling the stories of troubled sleepers, hibernating peasants, sleepwalking preachers, cave-dwelling sleep researchers, slaves who led nighttime uprisings, rebellious workers, spectacularly frazzled parents, and utopian dreamers.  We are hardly the first people, Reiss makes clear, to chafe against our modern rules for sleeping.

A stirring testament to sleep’s diversity, Wild Nights offers a profound reminder that in the vulnerability of slumber we can find our shared humanity.  By peeling back the covers of history, Reiss recaptures sleep’s mystery and grandeur and offers hope to weary readers: as sleep was transformed once before, so too can it change today.

February 2017 Newsletter


  • Wednesday, February 1: Carol Hick, author of “Sylvia & Jet” reads to preschool at 10am
  • Tuesday, February 14: Valentine’s Day Celebration — Arts, Crafts & Cookie decorating — Preschool Only
  • Monday, February 20: School closed in observance of President’s Day


Every holiday season, I give my staff a copy of a book I cherish. According to Franz Kafka, “A book is like the axe for the frozen sea within us.”

As you know, when you enroll your children at Les Enfants, we provide you with a suggested reading list. Every year in the Open House, I reiterate how we as parents have to arm ourselves with knowledge of raising healthy, well-balanced children with books such as Dr. Karp’s “The Happiest Baby / Toddler On The Block,” “Bringing Up Bebe,” etc.

As our children grow older, we want to add how to raise “successful” and “happy” children. On that note, I would like to share four books I’ve been reading which contain new messages from books written when I was growing up:

  1. “Teach Your Children Well” by Madeline Levine
  2. “Where You Go I s Not Who You Will Be” by Frank Bruni
  3. “How To Raise An Adult” by Julie Lythcott-Haims
  4. “Excellent Sheep” by William Deresiewicz

Decades ago, for our grandparents and parents like mine, a Ph.d was a minimum, Ivy League desired for sure! Today, the book “Where You Go Is Not Who You Will Be” is telling us that most of the Fortune 500 never went to Ivy League. During the past 2 open houses at our school, I gave examples of how Jack Ma, Michael Jordan and Maya Bloomberg of New York, 3 billionaires, all three failed before they were successful. Most importantly, initially none of the three even attended Ivy League colleges.

The second book relevant to our children moving on to Kindergarten and up is “Teach Your Children Well”. This is truly an outstanding book written by the dean of the School Of Education at Stanford University. Here is the summary of the book: 

"Psychologist Madeline Levine brings together cutting-edge research and thirty years of clinical experience to explode once and for all the myth that good grades, high test scores, and college acceptances should define the parenting endgame.

Parents, educators and the media wring their hands about the escalating rates of emotional problems and lack of real engagement with learning found so frequently among America’s children and teens.  Yet there are ways to reverse these disheartening trends.  Until we are clearer about our core values and the parenting choices that are most likely to lead to authentic, and not superficial success, we will continue to raise exhausted, externally driven and emotionally impaired children who believe they are only as good as their last performance.

Confronting the real issues behind why we push some of our kids to the breaking point while dismissing the talents and interests of many others, Levine shows us how to shift our focus from the excesses of hyper parenting and the unhealthy reliance on our children for status and meaning to a parenting style that concentrates on both enabling academic success and developing a sense of purpose, well-being and connection in our children’s lives.”


Every year, more than five million children are injured in their homes seriously enough to need emergency medical care. 

It only takes a heartbeat for an emergency or, worse, a tragedy to happen to a young child.  Children need to be visible to adults at all times. Prevention is the key to safety of young children. Parents need to sign up for CPR classes as soon as possible. Classes can be found at the American Red Cross.  

Parents must child-proof their homes, such as lock up chemicals, put medications out of reach, have a fire extinguisher, electrical cords out of reach so children cannot pull on them, cover electrical outlets, have pot handles away from the stove front, replace broken toys, keep sharp objects out of the way and do not allow children to play with plastic bags.  

Parents also need to watch out for choking foods and items, such as nuts, hot dogs, grapes, hard candy, popcorn, raw carrots, coins and balloons, etc. Remember to cut food in small pieces and sit with your child as he or she eats.  First aid and CPR classes are a must and can be found at your local American Red Cross. It can save a life!

Welcome To Our New Angels

  1. Madison
  2. Emma


  1. Max 2/06
  2. Naelle 2/14
  3. Sophia 2/14
  4. Sadie 2/23 
  5. Ryan 2/27


Happy Birthday, Teacher Eunice!

On February 3rd, teacher Eunice celebrates her birthday. We wish her the best birthday ever!


Special Thanks To:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Roethle (Milo’s parents) for bringing See’s chocolates for the staff.
  • Mrs. Post (Allison’s mom) for her donation of instruments and puzzles.
  • Mrs. Ewing (Adlee’s mom) for bringing delicious treats for the staff.
  • Mrs. Smith (Emma’s mom) for donating tea set for the 2’s class.
  • All the parents who have brought Friday lunches for the staff.
  • To all the parents who donated food & items to the Westside Food Bank.
  • To all the parents who we forgot to thank!

PARENTS OF INFANT & TODDLERS: Please schedule your child’s immunization appointments towards the end of the day and end of the week.  This enables you to take your child home and give them one on one attention in case they develop a fever. Thank you for your cooperation.


Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten round-up 2016

Tours and orientations for all Santa Monica schools will be held on February 7-9 – Call SMMUSD for more info @ (310) 450-8338 

Things to take: Your child’s birth certificate, health records and verification of residence in Santa Monica or Malibu a (gas, water or electric bill)

Please visit their website for more information on times, etc. www.smmusd.org



Dear Parents:

We wanted to thank you all for providing the Friday lunches for the staff.  It is truly appreciated by the staff to feel supported by you.

The first two years was so successful that we now need all those parents who haven’t contributed to sign up for the upcoming months.  Please see the sign-up sheet in the lobby.

Thank you again for supporting the hard working staff.


Dear Parents:

“The California Winter” cold and flu season is upon us. Even though a few parents have allergy certificates on record from their physicians to allow their children to attend despite a runny nose, we once again wish to remind parents of school policy regarding sick children. 

The State of California requires that children be in good health to attend school. Children are screened for health as they arrive and cannot be accepted for care if they display any signs of illness. Children are taken out of the classroom immediately upon determination of their illness. Children MUST be symptom and fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. 

Please do not bring your child to school if he or she has developed an unexplained rash, bumps or blisters. Your child needs to be seen by a doctor before entering the school to verify that the rash is not contagious. It is not fair to the other children and families, especially if your child’s rash, bumps or blisters end up being contagious. 

Children will be allowed back into their classrooms upon the submission of the doctor’s note indicating they can return to school. 

A Friendly Reminder

While most of the contagious bacteria are airborne, the school is vigilantly pursuing its sanitation measures to keep the school clean at all times. 

  1. Every night the school is thoroughly vacuumed, mopped and cleaned by the maintenance crew. 
  2. On Friday’s teachers from all five classes submit their stuffed toys and pillows to be washed by the maintenance crew and returned by Monday. 
  3. Every classroom has a disinfectant bin to place soiled toys daily. 
  4. Every Friday teachers will disinfect the children’s mats.
  5. Every day as parents, staff and children enter the school they are required to wash hands. 

Please partner with the school to help us keep everyone healthy and the school clean in any way you can. Please feel free to immediately report any unsanitary areas, materials, toys, etc. to your child’s teacher and administration. 

Thank you for your cooperation. 



In order to ensure a healthy environment for all children at Les Enfants, we must maintain the following policies when a child appears to be ill.

The state of California prohibits admission of any sick child to a children’s center.

If your child has any of the symptoms listed below, please do not send him or her to the Center.  If your child develops any of the symptoms listed below while he/she is being cared for at the Center, you will be notified so that the child may be picked up by you or your designate as soon as possible.  Failure to pick up your child within an hour and a half from the time you are notified may result in termination of enrollment. If any of the following symptoms are present, we cannot allow your child to be at the Center:

  1. Fever higher than 101 F
    1. According to the American College of Medicine Reference Book, “symptoms such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea are not due to teething and suggest that an infection may be present.”
  2. Vomiting
  3. A cough associated with respiratory infection (face discoloration when coughing and/or high-pitched croupy or whooping sound after coughing).
  4. A cold, which produces thick yellow/green nasal discharge, accompanied by nasal congestion, cough and fever.
  5. Eye infections, which include the following symptoms: tears, redness of the eyelid lining, irritation/itching swelling and discharge of pus.
  6. Diarrhea (change in consistency, frequency, color or odor of stool) or a gray, whit or black stool.
  7. Difficulty breathing or rapid breathing.
  8. Yellowish skin or eyes.
  9. Any rash or spots on body or mucus membranes (mouth).
  10. Sore inflamed (red) throat with difficulty swallowing.
  11. Severe itching of body or scalp.
  12. Crusty, bright yellow, dry or gummy areas of the skin.
  13. Unusually dark, tea-colored or bloody urine.

If three of the following symptoms are present, we cannot allow your child to be at the Center.

  1. Low grade fever (100F)
  2. A productive cough.
  3. Nasal discharge that is yellow/green.
  4. Nasal congestion.
  5. Loss of appetite.
  6. Unusual behavior (lethargic, very tired, cranky, inactive, hyperactive, body position which might indicate pain, etc.)

If your child has any chronic health problems, please have your physician indicate this on your medical record.  This will help clarify when your child should/should not be at the Center.  Usually a chronic health problem is not considered a reason to keep a child from attending the Center.

A child may return to the Center only: When he/she has been symptom free for 24 hours – Or The Center receives a note from the child’s physician indicating the child may return to school.

Prescription medication will be given when prescribed by the physician. They must be in the original container, clearly labeled with the child’s name, dosage, and frequency of dosage and must be accompanied by a completed medication form.

Non-prescription/over the counter medication will not be given unless prescribed by the physician.  We must have a prescription signed by the physician, which includes the child’s name, dosage, frequency of dosage, length of time medication is needed, and must be accompanied by a completed medication form.

A child’s immunization record must be kept up to date. Failure to do so may result in termination of enrollment.

It is important for us to know when your child has been exposed to a communicable disease such as chicken pox, mumps, roseola, etc.  We can then be alerted to any early symptoms your child develops.  We will notify you when your child has been exposed to a communicable disease while attending the Center.

We care about the health of all the children enrolled at Les Enfants, Inc.  Please, whenever in doubt about your child’s health, contact your child’s pediatrician.

Latest Update from LES ENFANTS

Dear Parents,

Since the announcement of the new changes enabling us to move to the future, the following have been accomplished and the rest are in progress:

  1. Bixby's Dad and Sophia's Dad are working on a new school website, emails and an iPad sign-in system.
  2. New planter boxes are ready for the garden in the preschool yard. Lorelei's Mom, Rei's Mom and Adlee's Mom will be help with planting.
  3. Online surveys were sent out.
  4. We have added the following teachers and staff — RACHEL, a professional photographer; SARA, an art/preschool teacher and a behavioral therapist; and JENN, Two’s teacher and art teacher.
  5. New wooden walkers were ordered for the toddler yard.
  6. New tables, chairs and vanity mirror were ordered for the Two's Room
  7. New curtains are up in the Two's room.
  8. New wooden houses were built for the classrooms and the yard.
  9. New picnic tables with benches were built in the yard.
  10. Google search engine has been updated.
  11. Our school is listed on TotPot.com for fresh lunch / snack delivery.
  12. New rugs and carpets are ready for the classroom.
  13. New sheer mosquito nets are ready to be put up for a cozy area in the classrooms.
  14. Carpentry class is added to Pre-K class every Tuesday at 3:15pm.

Please note the following:

  1. Transitioning occurs as infants approach 10 months, toddlers approach 2 and 2-year-olds approach age three. Since every child is an individual, teachers will decide on a case-by-case basis if the child is developmentally ready to transition. In most cases, if children express unwillingness to be in their new class, transition is slowed down to give more time for the child to be ready.
  2. As soon as the rain subsides, we will design the two’s classroom.
  3. Any parents with expertise to help with “zip-lines” to hang art in the Two’s room, please contact us.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation on all of the above. And, as always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!