The Problem of Using Time Effectively

These days everyone’s middle name is busy and, as a result, people feel rushed. Despite all technological development (computers, cell phones, etc.), we have failed to decrease our work load and slow down. Every holiday I reprint this reminder from children’s favorite author Eric Carle: 

“Why are we always in a hurry? Rush. Rush. Rush. We scurry from here and there. We play computer games and then- quick! Click!-we watch TV. We eat fast food. Everyone tells us to make it snappy! Hurry up! Time is flying! Step on it! There’s so little time just to be with friends, to watch a sunset or gaze at a star-filled sky. Ah, what we could learn-even if just a little-from the gentle sloth who slowly, slowly, slowly crawls along a branch of a tree, eats a little, sleeps a lot, a lives in peace.”

As the holidays approach we often think what gift (object) we should get for our loved ones, especially the children.  It has become increasingly evident that what our children need the most from us is our TIME.

Due to our preoccupation with commercialism, children learn to measure familial love, and even their self-worth, by how many material goods they acquire, when even simple pots and pans at home or a broom in the yard can occupy children for hours.  So let us keep the toys simple or have children make simple toys, e.g., gift boxes from Kleenex boxes – by painting the box and placing buttons, glitters, shells, etc., on it.  Another idea is to make drums and music gift boxes with empty coffee cans, by gluing wrapping paper on coffee cans, and having children decorate them.  Fill empty water bottles with beans to use as a musical rattle.

In order to enable us to have time, parents have found it really useful to “Slow Down”.  We hope all of us consciously slow down to give more time to our loved ones.