July / August 2017 Newsletter

Calendar of Events

Happy Summer!

SCHOOL CLOSED — Monday, September 4th in observance of Labor Day.

PRE-K GRADUATION — Friday, July 28th at 3:30 p.m. Congratulations to the Pre-K class of 2017!!
Please sign up with teacher Eunice for snacks. Thank you.


We are excited to announce our Special Fridays in the month of August.  There will be themed activities and lunches for the children.  Some of the fun activities planned are: A Luau, turn classrooms into campsites , create volcanoes, play dress-up, create sand pictures and much, much, more.  On these Fridays you will not have to bring lunch for your child as we will provide a meal that includes either pizza, or a sandwich, fruit, vegetables, snacks and drinks.

Don’t forget your donations to the Westside food drive every Friday!

Happy Birthday!

  1. Aveer 7/2
  2. John 7/3
  3. Julia 7/8
  4. Maxwell 7/8
  5. Adlee 7/9
  6. Elisa 7/12
  7. Daniela 7/23
  8. James 7/25
  9. Stella 7/27
  10. Sydney 7/27
  11. Zoe 8/16
  12. Gunnar 8/28

Welcome to Our New Angels

  1. Kalani        
  2. Asher
  3. Lucas
  4. Emmeline
  5. Katherine

School News


What are some of the benefits of water play activities?

Children learn about measurements

It has a calming effect on overly active children and it teaches them concepts such as floating and   sinking

It’s great fun — they get splashed and wet and more.  Above all, children love water because, unlike us adults who constantly resist them, water flows and has no resistance.

It’s time to bring in — Bathing suits, sunscreen, towels — Please put sunscreen in the morning before dropping your child off at school. Water shoes — You can buy at K-Mart, Target, etc.

Expecting Parents

We are happily witnessing a rise in sibling births! As you know space in infant/toddler is extremely rare in Santa Monica and vicinity. Most schools accept children ages 2 1/2 and up that are toilet trained. 

Therefore, this is just a friendly reminder that if you are expecting and plan to have your infant/toddler at Les Enfants, please inform Cindy as soon as possible to receive an application and save your space.

Thank you for your cooperation and your continuous support!

Thank Yous

Thank you very much to all of the parents who have bought the teachers lunch on Fridays — We are truly grateful.

  1.  To all the parents that volunteered during Pride Week to help with fun activities – Mrs. Ewing (Adlee’s mom) and Mr. Murphy (Jack & James dad) for reading books to the children on Monday.

  2.  Mrs. Beuting (Lorelei’s mom) for cooking with the children and bringing the ingredients for the  project

  3. Mr. and Mrs. Sohn (Sophie’s parents) and Mrs. Coudurier (Kilian’s mom) for helping with T-Shirt Day and bringing materials for painting the t-shirts.

  4. Mrs. Smith (Emma & Mary’s mom) and Ms. Moogan (Mila’s mom) for making Camping Day fun and bringing items to make delicious S’mores!

  5. Mrs. Webb (Annabel’s mom) for volunteering to play sports with the children on Sports Day.

  6. All the parents and children that donated books to the school during Pride Week.

  7. All the parents that helped set up and clean-up at our anniversary picnic.

  8. All the parents that brought food, desserts, drinks, cutlery, paper goods, etc. to the picnic.

  9. To all the parents we forgot to thank!

  10. To all the parents who donated toward the Westside Food Bank.

Parents Moving

As summer is approaching, parents move, get new jobs, etc. Please respect school policy by providing us with a ONE MONTH notice beginning on the 1st of the month should you be relocating. Thank you.


The role of adults is to keep children safe at all times. A fun day playing in the pool can become a tragic event if safety is not a factor. An accidental drowning can happen in a heartbeat. Drowning is the leading cause of injury death for children under the age of 3. Water safety must be enforced when children are near or in the water. 

Children need to be observed at all times, which means parents cannot be distracted by a book, the phone or anything else. Parents must accompany their child whenever they go swimming. And remember, if your swimming pool is not in use, it is best to keep it covered and fenced for your child’s safety. Check out your local YMCA or swim schools to teach children how to swim as early as two years of age.


  1. Beverlywood Swim School in L.A. (S. Robertson) teaches as young as toddlers
  2. Tumbleweed Day Camp
  3. YMCA – In every city
  4. Santa Monica College Swimming Pool
  5. U.C.L.A., Sunset Recreation Swim School


Anaheim: Disneyland & Adventure City

  1. San Diego: Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park
  2. Carlsbad: Legoland
  3. Buena Park: Knott’s Berry Farm, Adventure City
  4. Catalina Island: Take a boat from Marina Del Rey or San Pedro to island
  5. Los Angeles:
    1. LACMA Children’s Gallery: Every Sunday afternoon
    2. Griffith Park: Travel Town, L.A. Zoo, Observatory for older kids
  6. Santa Barbara:
    1. Take the train: Enjoy lunch at the historic train station and a fun 2-hour ride
    2. Architecturally-designed children’s park. Wooden play structure you’ve never seen! (end of State St., make right)
    3. Santa Barbara Zoo: a delight especially for younger kids, and not at all crowded.
    4. Specialty bikes that sit four people — kids get to pedal along with you!
    5. Beautiful beaches across from your hotel, as well as Sunday Sales at the Beach! 
  7. Palm Springs
    1. Palm Desert
      1. Children’s Discovery Museum
      2. The Living Desert: Zoo without cages an absolute joy!
      3. Get a free boat ride at the Marriott Desert Springs Hotel and eat dinner on the balcony of at least two out of five restaurants.
      4. Older kids will enjoy a camel ride in the desert/winter only
    2. Rancho Las Palmas
      1. Splashtopia for active kids who love to swim.