In all classrooms we encourage an atmosphere of love and warmth, a peaceful environment, consistency, flexibility and choice. Children are empowered to explore and experiment.

Our Threes classroom cares for children aged 2 years 10 months to 4 years.

The three-year-old is ready for new and exciting experiences. The curriculum is geared towards the self-confidence and problem solving skills the children have gained, allowing them to make connections to what they know and what they are learning. Children are introduced to letters and numbers, encouraged to care for the environment by tending to their apple and tangerine trees, and taking responsibility for the pet bunny in residence. They are encouraged to collaborate and share ideas with each other.


The Threes classroom is nestled in between our Twos and Preschool classrooms. With a flexible partitions leading to both the Twos and Pre-K classrooms, the partitions can be opened to create one large one open space for all upper classes. The Threes classroom is a flexible space that has a reading area, bathroom, kitchenette, circle area and tables and chairs for activities and meals. The Threes room offers direct access to the exterior, partially enclosed playground, which offers space for play, meals and outdoor activities.


Art Class with teacher Sara Martin – Tuesdays through Thursdays

Children will do Reggio-Emilia inspired art with teacher Sara - they will be given the opportunity to create, explore and experience themselves through art. They will get to work with an array of art mediums like clay, different kinds of paint, wood, and things found in nature, like leaves, branches, sea shells, sand, etc. They will participate in observational drawings, collages, sculptures, crafts and an introduction to sewing which they will explore in different ways overtime. Art will be displayed around the classrooms and throughout the school. Approximately 30-45 min each class.


Teacher Davis brings a variety of instruments for the children to learn about and hear their sounds.  They learn new songs and participate with this hands-on class. Children are also encouraged to play instruments that Mr. Davis provides for them, dance to new beats and sing along with him. Music is a great way for children to develop intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression. For children and adults, music helps strengthen memory skills.

Gym & Yoga Class with teacher Zoe Welch – 4 Wednesdays a Month

This 30-minute class provides a chance for young children to increase their activity and develop socially and physically. Skills learned in gymnastics can benefit a child’s overall development. Children in this class learn to balance and have better coordination, patience and taking turns, self-confidence and follow directions but most of all, to work cooperatively with other children. Additional cost: $50 / month




Zhila has more than twenty years' experience working with preschool age children. She completed courses through UCLA. Extension in Child Development. Zhila is a mother of four children and five grandchildren. Zhila's involvement at Les Enfants Preschool was first as a parent when she enrolled her son. She then decided to study child development and joined the staff at Les Enfants in 1992. Zhila has since been an outstanding and dedicated staff member.