In all classrooms we encourage an atmosphere of love and warmth, a peaceful environment, consistency, flexibility and choice. Children are empowered to explore and experiment.

The toddler program cares for children aged 10 through 24 months.

Since our toddlers are at the age where physical movement is key to their development, our curriculum is built around their need to run, jump, climb and explore as well as support their growing independence, social skills and confidence. Their learning experiences include sensory activities such as exploring shaving cream, creating music with musical instruments and building large muscle skills by pushing toys.

As this is a significant year for language development, toddlers will be developing language with books, puppets, and singing, as well as encouraging imagination through pretend play.


The toddler classroom is a large, open environment that includes an indoor play structure (pictured), circle area, reading area, changing room and tables and chairs for meals and activities. The toddlers also spend a lot of time in the partially covered outdoor interior courtyard. This playground has several play structures and space for activities and meal times.


Music Class with teacher Ernest Davis – 2 Mondays and 2 Thursdays a Month

Teacher Davis brings a variety of instruments for the children to learn about and hear their sounds.  They learn new songs and participate with this hands-on class. Children are also encouraged to play instruments that Mr. Davis provides for them, dance to new beats and sing along with him. Music is a great way for children to develop intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression. For children and adults, music helps strengthen memory skills.




Katherine has been in the field of Early Childhood Education for 15 years, working with children from infancy up to age five. She has an A.A. Degree, and certificate in Child Development. Katherine is the mother of two sons, and has been part of the Les Enfants family since February 2005.



Jasmine is a wonderful addition to our toddler classroom.  She has a B.A. degree in Elementary Education, teaching multiple subjects, with a concentration in Art from California State University Northridge.  She has a passion for teaching and is committed to providing a well-balanced, supportive, fun, learning environment for children.  She has been with Les Enfants since May 2018.



Marizol joined our toddler classroom recently, and has been an asset in the class. She currently is working on her A.A. degree at Santa Monica College, with over 18+ units in Early Childhood Education. Most of her experience is working with very young children, and she enjoys bringing daily joy and learning experiences for the children in her care. Marizol has a son who is the best thing in her life! She joined Les Enfants in September 2018.



Delfina is our amazing teacher’s aide in the toddler program. She helps our teachers with the responsibilities of everyday care to our young toddlers. Delfina came to us as a former student’s grandmother, volunteering at our school when needed, and then staying on as an aide after her grandchild graduated from Pre-K. She has been cleared by the Department of Justice, Community Care Licensing and has her infant/child/adult CPR and First Aid. She has been part of our Les Enfants’ family since 2012.